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CJ (Crazy Joe)

In Loving Memory

"eo pacem invenio- With him I find peace"

CJ or Crazy Joe received his name based on what we thought he would be, but turned out to be just the opposite. CJ was a 10-year-old stallion that had a small band of 2 mares and 2 foals. He was from outside the mountain town of Johnnie, NV. One of CJ’s mares was hit by a car one evening while trying to cross a road in search of a better food source and was injured. CJ and the band refused to abandon her. For the sake of safety and prevention of any more horses getting hurt, the BLM conducted an emergency gather of all five horses. One mare was sent to Shiloh Horse Rescue, near Sandy Valley, NV, the other mare and foals were adopted, however, because of CJ’s age, many doubted he would accept gentling and training. more

CJ was kept in a large stall for a couple months, fed well but received no training or gentling. We found out about him and were able to bring CJ to the Funny Farm. Within 8 days, he had accepted being caught with halter, brushed and his hooves cleaned. Basically gentled…a 10-year-old “wild” stallion! Day 15 we put a saddle on him and for the next 54 days, we got to experience how majestic and intelligent he was! During the duration of his training, he never once reared, bucked, charged, kicked or attempted to harm anyone. To this end, we at Funny Farm decided he was such a great fit for us; we wanted to keep him permanently at the Funny Farm and were going to adopt him.

Due to government requirements, all stallions must be gelded prior to adoption and CJ was no different. He had his surgery and was able to come “home” a few hours later. Unfortunately, later in the evening, he experienced severe complications from the surgery and had to be euthanized early the next morning.

While CJ’s story is horribly sad, the silver lining of it lends testimony to the potential of our beautiful national icons, the American Mustang.

We held CJ’s head as he took his last breath and it was then and still is one of the most traumatic events we’ve ever gone through. CJ is with us to this day and is an incredible driving force behind getting the information and education out to the public and to get these phenomenal horses adopted! While CJ’s story is horribly sad, the silver lining of it lends testimony to the potential of our beautiful national icons, the American Mustang.

CJ's BLM Brand

The sky on the morning of CJ's last breath

We proudly support and/or are supported by the following organizations through either training, information, equipment or donation, to which we owe a HUGE Thank You!


Special Thanks to my Mentor/Trainer, Ed Dominguez, without whose knowledge, guidance, patience and friendship, this organization would have never been possible;  

  • The Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • The Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF)
  • The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
  • KBRHorse.net
  • Horse Council of Nevada
  • Doc’s Saddlery, Las Vegas NV
  • Lawman Laser Engraving and Promotional Products (Rowlett, TX)
  • All in One Sports and Trophy (Terrell, TX)
  • LVMPD Mounted Unit
  • FamilyHorses.net
  • Local Equine Assistance Network (L.E.A.N), Las Vegas NV
  • 4H Club Hooves and Heartbeats, Las Vegas NV
  • Fleet of Angels
  …and many others that have provided valuable advice and encouragement to us! ...and a Very Special Thank You to Tom, Ian, Jim, Jamie, Kory and the entire IC9design, Inc, staff for their incredible dedication to making this website possible and their unwavering support of our American Mustangs and Burros and the Funny Farm mission!

FFM Events

Hooves and Heartbeats with the 4H

December 2014

Above are some of the pictures from our event with the local 4H club called Hooves and Heartbeats. It was a great time for everyone and from the feedback we received, the club found it very educational which is exactly what we had hoped. They got to interact with wild mustangs and burros (of course they are now gentle), learn about the horses and burros characteristics, habits and such plus see and learn what type of tack we use and finally assisted in helping muck all the stalls.

BLM Open House Event

April 2014

Funny Farm Mustangs was asked to participate in a BLM Open House event at the BLM Headquarters in Las Vegas NV, which we gladly accepted. As we do with our school events, Funny Farm Mustangs provided one gentled mustang (Jigsy) and one gentled burro (Madam) plus the panels to make a temporary corral. The purpose was to educate employees, their families and friends on wild horses and wild burros, their characteristics and how incredibly gentle, intelligent and majestic they really are, It was an overwhelming success with several children getting to participate in a question and answer session then getting to "meet' Jigsy and Madam. An excellent event!

JT McWilliams Elementary School

April 2014

Here are some pics from our last elementary school event before the Summer break. The name of the school is JT McWilliams Elementary School and the staff is phenomenal and we had a great time. The kids were very respectful and inquisitive and asked good questions. They received a history lesson from Krystal then got to interact with Jigsy and Madam. Before they went back into the classroom, they all received a little gift bag with some BLM Wild horse and burro items, like pens, pencils, wristbands, work books, etc. Another successful educational event!

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